Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!!!

If you are here for the ScrapMatters Birthday Blog Bash, please scroll down to the next's there!!!

But you could also take a good look at this one...especially if you've been a fan of SM for a while, and you remember the amazing Sarah Bennett! Sarah retired from designing last year, but decided this summer she just had to come back! Woohoo!!! Today is the opening of her new store at ZigZag Scrap.

She has two great new items in the store to kick things off--an awesome kit and an AMAZING deal of a paper pack.

Here's the kit, On the Go-

and here's the paper pack (it's incredible!!)

and here's my page with On the Go (I love this page, lol)

I love that this kit can totally be used for grown-up OR child's so fantastic! So, anyway, be sure you stop by Sarah's store soon (and, by the way, she recently put some amazing paper pack freebies up on her blog, so you may want to swing by there as well, if you haven't been lately, just scroll down a few posts for the packs). Have a great Saturday, and enjoy all the scrappy goodness out there today!


Yep, that's right, it's ScrapMatters 4th birthday, and we are celebrating with a HUGE blog train/scavenger hunt! If you are to my blog, you are almost done (whew!), and I know you've collected some amazing bits and pieces along the way! The last bit you should have gotten is from the incredible Kat (I just love her!). If you've gotten lost along the way, or started in the middle, don't forget you can find the full list on the ScrapMatters blog. Anyway...welcome to my little corner of the internet, I'm Becca, aka becca372, and I'm glad to have you here!

I used our gorgeous new kit, Garden Party (free with $20.00 purchase!!!) to create a quick page for you. I kept it fairly simple...and I'm loving it, myself...I used it to scrap my beautiful neice at her third birthday party! Here's my page... (sorry if, for some reason, it doesn't work...I've had to upload it from file on my EHD is being wonky). Everything from the page (font included!) is from the Garden Party kit! It's awesome!


and here's the preview of your QP! Oh, and FYI, I layered the element clusters are on one layer, there's a layer for the journaling, and the stacked paper is another layer. So it's very customizable...if you don't like my elements, leave them off, and just use the stacked paper! It also lets you slide the title under the elements if you want to...which I always seem to want to do on QPs, and never can, haha!

(sorry if it's small...blogger and I are fighting tonight, and I'm waaaay too tired, so I'm done arguing...) DOWNLOAD IT ***HERE***

Now, you have just a couple more stops on this amazing train! Your next stop is with Crystal (SugarPieScraps) get going! Happy Birthday ScrapMatters!!!

Don't forget, either...We've got 30% off Personal Use products, and 20% off Commercial Use products all weekend long...and a great store collab for FREE with a $20.00 purchase! We've also got lots happening in the forum and chat room, with games, chats, and speed scraps galore, so stop by and hang out!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

well, dang...

I've been a bit neglectful, haven't I? Gotta work on turning over (yet another) new leaf on my scrap blogging....

In the meantime, I found a new teaching blog I've started following...looks like it'll have some great resources and ideas to use...rock on! AND as an added bonus, the blogger is giving away some gift cards this week...and wouldn't I just LOVE to win??? I mean, what teacher is going to say NO to free money???? Come on , now!

Anyway, if you read this in time, and you're interested...check it out here!!! Erica's Elementary Excitement. I'll try to be back soon with some scrap stuff...after all, that's what we're supposed to be all about over here...and what I need to get back to!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

DSD ScrapMatters Blog Train--Woooot wooooo!

Hey everyone! Wow, can *you* believe it's November and iDSD already? I really can't!

So, the amazing ScrapMatters team is hosting a blog train (that's why you're here, right?), and we're showing off our amazing new Collab, Many Thanks. The kit is FREE this weekend with a $20.00 purchase, or, of course, you can pick it up on it's own...but come on...isn't there $20 worth of stuff you want at ScrapMatters? I know I've got that much and then some on my list!!!'s a preview of that awesome kit...

Anyway, if you are following the train, you should have arrived here from Quietangelsb's blog. You are now here, with me, Becca, aka becca372. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today!

You know, I was talking with my oldest DD (she's 3) the other day about Thanksgiving, and she asked me what it was. I explained that it was a day for all of us to think about the things that make us feel special and loved, and the things that we love. She listed off a couple of things, like loving mommy and daddy, and then she said "And my Grandma Cookie loves me" (Grandma Cookie is *my* grandmother, her great-grandma). It was the sweetest thing. So we now have plans to make up a special card to send to Grandma Cookie for Thanksgiving...the funnier part? Aerin then says to me "We can just tell her on Facebook!". Oh, out of the mouths of babes! How to explain to her that Grandma Cookie doesn't use a computer? LOL! We've got plans to put it up anyway, because my auntie will see it, and pass the message along...So, anyway, I'm the cliched person who is ever so incredibly grateful for my family. Even more so, in a sad footnote, because I just lost my other grandmother, and I know how lucky I was to have her as a vibrant, sweet, loving part of my life for 33 years. So, cherish the family you have, give them big hugs and pass on your love to them throughout this season of the year!

And now, for the reason you are REALLY freebie!(sorry, this link is no longer available) I whipped up a simple cluster frame for you (preshadowed), and then couldn't decide if I liked it better horizontal or vertical-so you are getting it BOTH ways, because I'm just crazy like that! (and keep scrolling to the end of the post for your next stop on the train!)

I hope I'll be seeing you around ScrapMatters this weekend...I just know you won't be able to resist the 40% off sale, the Speed Scraps and Chats, and all the amazing challenges, including our awesome Scrap-a-Thon! Come check it out, and join all of us in our addiction to the greatest digi-site around!!!!!

and don't forget:

Oh, and the next stop on the blog train is with Jill, aka Jillyfish. If for some reason, I gave you a bad link, or something happens, and you get derailed somewhere along the way, head on back to the ScrapMatters blog, for the master blog train schedule, and get yourself back on track! There are some fabulous goodies out there today!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Becca (aka becca372)

Friday, November 5, 2010

DSD Speed Scrap Insanity!!!

So, you all know that ScrapMatters has, REALLY, the BEST speed scraps EVER? Right? If you didn't already know that (and, hey, especially if you DO!), you need to come spend some time speed scrapping with us this DSD weekend! We've got a jam-packed schedule for you. There are so many speed scraps, there's got to be at least ONE that works for you! husband probably has some other plans...but I definitely am squeezing in some scrap time this weekend...woot!!! See you around ScrapMatters!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

oooh, oooh....

In case you haven't heard, Wendy (WM[Squared]) is having a fall clearance sale...FAB stuff, for a great deal!!! WooHoo!!!!! Go grab it before it goes POOF!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feelin' Good...

Phew! Okay, so I stink at blogging...two months later, I'm back!!! Though there have been a few reasons for me being MIA...

First off, school started. And that always kills my energy, mojo, and time management skills for the first month or so. By 6 weeks in (next week) I'm usually feeling back up to here's hoping!

Second, I found out right about the time of my last post that I'm expecting Baby #3 at the beginning of May. And, as I discovered when pregnant with #2, the first trimester totally kills my scrapbooking mojo. It didn't wreak as much havoc this time, but it sure put a dent in my know, going to bed at the same time as your children doesn't leave you much in the way of uninterrupted scrapping time! Anyway, I'm 11 weeks now, and starting to come out of the fog of first trimester...So...I'm starting to feel better, and more like my regular scrappy self! YAY!!!

Of course, just when I was starting to get myself moving again...our site went down, thanks to something nasty...not quite sure what, but Andrea and the admins at ScrapMatters made the decision to close down the site temporarily to be sure that nothing nasty was happening, and going to make anybody else "sick". We got a clean bill of health this afternoon, and the site is back up and running now...AND...just to make it up to y'all, because we know how much is stinks to be without your favorite digi-site, AND because we feel really bad if anyone got any nasty bugs from us...check it out...

Hey, we're back go shop!!!!